Financial Aid

Detroit Future Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to students who live or attend high school in the city of Detroit. This competitive award is based on GPA. Students are automatically considered upon acceptance!

Lauryn Bishop (center) poses with friends at a Campbell Scholars Leadership retreat in 2019.

Alma College offers up to 15 Detroit Future Scholarships each year to qualified students from select schools in the city of Detroit. The Detroit Future Scholarship assists substantially with financial need making a private education affordable with minimal out-of-pocket expense. The Detroit Future Scholarship currently has a 95% retention rate among participants with coordination of programming from the Diversity and Inclusion Office.

Scholarship amount varies depending on financial need — Alma College will maximize the dollar amount students can receive.

Scholarship Details & Requirements

  1. Students must live or attend high school in the city of Detroit.
  2. Students must apply for admission (essay is required), be accepted and have a cumulative GPA of 3.00.  Students who do not meet the 3.0 GPA requirement are looked at on an individual basis and should work with their admissions representative to learn more.
  3. Students are required to be accepted to the college and submit their FAFSA with priority for students who complete these steps by January 15.
  4. Students are required to add Alma College as a school of interest when the FAFSA opens October 1. All forms required by the Alma College Financial Aid Office must be turned in to be considered for the Detroit Future Scholarship.
  5. Students who accept the Detroit Future Scholarship are highly encouraged to take out all federal loans (subsidized and unsubsidized). If they do not, they will need to cover that difference as an additional out-of-pocket expense.
  6. Students who do not qualify for the Federal Pell Grant will need to cover that difference as an additional out-of-pocket expense. Textbooks are not covered by the scholarship.
  7. Remaining expenses can be covered by the Federal Parent PLUS Loan (credit history must be approved), alternative loan(s) and/or combination of a payment plan (various options available). Students that qualify for Federal Work Study can possibly earn up to $1,500 with an on-campus job which can be deposited onto their account to offset expenses.
  8. The enrollment deposit fee of $300 cannot be covered by loans, or the Detroit Future Scholarship; this is an out-of-pocket expense.

The Selection Process

The Detroit Future Scholarship offers will be mailed out to students in mid-January along with an estimated financial aid award package (must have added Alma College to the FAFSA; other documents may be required by the financial aid office). The first 15 students that submit the $300 enrollment deposit will receive the Detroit Future Scholarship. Once the enrollment deposit is paid, a letter confirming your acceptance of the Detroit Future Scholarship will be sent out.

The confirmation letter must be signed and sent back. If the student decides to decline the scholarship, they may refund their deposit in full at any point up until May 1. Students that deposit after the 15 scholarships are gone will be notified and put on a waiting list. If one of the first 15 students later declines their admission, the next student in line would be moved up to receive the scholarship. Those students on the waiting list may refund their deposit in full at any point up to May 1.