Financial Aid

David B. Kinney Scholarship Program

This scholarship provides funding for student research related to “independent and original study of any items, persons or societal trends relating to the birth or endurance of our precious Bill of Rights,” said David Kinney.

Supported by a generous gift from the family of attorney and social activist David B. Kinney, class of 1943, Alma College is pleased to offer a grant of up to $2,500 to support student research related to, in Mr. Kinney’s words, “independent and original study of any items, persons or societal trends relating to the birth or endurance of our precious Bill of Rights.” Proposals which clearly cross-disciplinary boundaries and/or require travel to research sites are strongly encouraged.

Preference will be given to projects that involve research-based engagement with any issue or topic related to civil liberties, human rights, social justice, or the struggle toward equality, resilient structures and participatory involvement in communities, institutions, or organizations.  These stated preferences should be interpreted broadly to include historical, philosophical, legislative, legal, economic, communication, literary, creative, artistic, political, and cultural issues and aspects.

Application Guidelines: 

1. Applicants must be currently enrolled at Alma College and have earned a grade point average of 3.30 or better at the time of the application. 

2. Completed applications must be submitted electronically by the March 15 deadline (Note: 2021 deadline has been extended to April 30) and should include: 

  • a letter detailing the purpose and potential value of the project to the students academic and professional interests and goals,
  • a brief review of the current state of research/policy/knowledge on the proposed topic,
  • a copy of a completed research paper or other appropriate artifact of the student’s academic work that clearly demonstrates the student’s academic preparation to complete the study successfully,
  • a current transcript or co-audit of all previous coursework
  • a proposed budget for using the award and time-line for completing and disseminating the study
  • a plan for public dissemination of the study’s results, and
  • the name and contact information for at least one Alma College faculty member with whom you have discussed the proposed project and who has agreed to mentor you throughout the project.

3. Awards will be announced in late March (May 2021).

Inquiries and completed applications may be directed to Carla Jensen (