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We understand how expensive college is. We're here to help you see how affordable Alma College ac...

Choosing a college is a big deal. But don’t stress!

Your college education is a big decision and we know that cost is a big part of that. We’d like to make that decision a little easier.

Check out our “mythbusters” below, designed to show you (and your parents) that you really can afford an Alma education.

Myth: you have to come from a rich family to attend Alma.
Fact: we’ve got students from all economic backgrounds — take a look!

A breakdown of average income for Alma students. Most families make between 40,000-119,000.

Average Household Income of Alma College Families

As you can see, families just like yours are paying for Alma College.

How? It’s understanding the difference between the sticker price and your actual cost.

You’ll get scholarships and grants — money you don’t have to pay back — to help offset the cost. Then, you can apply for loans or use payment plans to help cover the rest.

Graduate graphic

Myth: my grades aren't good enough to get scholarships from Alma.
Fact: 100% of our students receive some form of aid; last year, we awarded over $25 million.

 On average, private college students receive significantly more financial aid than students at a public or for-profit college.

Source: U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics 2014.

Myth: you can't get a job with a liberal arts education in this market.
Fact: 92% of our 2016 graduates are working or in grad school within 6 months.

Infographic: We have a 91% pass rate on nursing licensure compared to the 72% national average.

Infographic: Our law school acceptance rate is 100%, exceeding the national average.

Infographic: 80% of employers think every student should acquire broad knowledge in the liberal arts.

The world of financial aid can be a confusing one.
Need to talk it over? Your personal admissions rep is here to help!

Your admissions rep can offer personalized advice on how you and your family can afford Alma College such as:

  • Payment plans
  • Parent loans
  • Outside scholarships