Admissions & Aid

International Students

Welcome to Alma College and to Michigan! We’re glad you’re joining our community. 

Within 48 hours of your deposit, your admissions representative will contact you to make sure you know how to log into the new student portal and discuss your next steps.

The most important next steps to becoming a Scot include:

  1. Sign up for Becoming a Scot Day. Learn more >>
  2. Log into your student portal:
    • Complete your housing steps. There are three steps to the housing process. With each step, you’ll receive instructions via your Alma email.
    • Explore the portal and familiarize yourself with the system. You’ll use this portal to also select a meal plan, review financial aid, and pay your bill.
  3. Complete the New Scot Survey (check your Alma email starting April 20 for the link).
  4. Prepare for August move-in
  5. Determine your arrival date by working with Dani Rossman to determine your arrival date to campus in accordance with international travel quarantine guidelines.
  6. Sign up for transportation from the airport. Most international students arrive on campus via our free airport shuttle. Please confirm the dates and times of these shuttles prior to booking your flights. They will help you to get settled in.
  7. Move on to campus. When you arrive on campus, you will be met by a member of the Alma College staff member who will provide you with dinner, bedding, and a pillow for your new room.
  8. Attend Pre-Orientation Program. International students will participate in pre-orientation programming that begins on Monday, August 21, 2023. During this time, you will get to know your fellow international students, explore campus and the city of Alma, learn about American culture, and visit local places (like a home goods store, grocery store, cell phone store, and bank).
  9. Attend Tartan 101 Orientation Program. International students participate in Tartan 101 with all other new Alma College students starting Wednesday, August 23.

Keep in mind there will be other items to complete along the way, but we will post those as reminders in your portal.

Questions? Email for anything you have on your mind!