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Highlights of Alma’s Spanish Program

  • A vast majority of students combine their Spanish majors with a variety of other majors and minors, including business, communication and physics and engineering, as well as secondary and elementary teaching.

  • Speaking Spanish has set our students apart in the job market. Many of them comment that they have received interviews over other candidates because of their Spanish-speaking skills.

  • With the widespread use of Spanish in the United States, the ability to communicate in Spanish complements any major.

Distinctions of Alma’s Spanish Program

  • This department travels with students, whether it be a Spring Term class, a trip to practice Spanish skills with majors or a service-learning trip where anyone can participate.

  • The department has language assistants who are native speakers and have earned degrees in their home countries. These assistants organize a variety of cultural activities, including language tables in the dining commons for student to practice speaking conversational Spanish with their peers.

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