Get To Know Us

We teach French within a liberal arts perspective at Alma. What does that mean?

Well, for starters, we have three primary goals for you: language acquisition, contextual understanding and proficiency.

Language Acquisition

Our beginning courses familiarize true beginners with basic vocabulary, grammar and cultural context that will allow you to converse, read and write about topics common to daily life. The intermediate courses review grammatical concepts presented in the first year but emphasize nuances. Finally, our advanced composition and conversation class is an ongoing “workshop” experience for you to practice and refine your writing and speaking skills.

Content Courses

Advanced courses include the study of culture and civilization, literature, film and a variety of special themes and topics. Through reading and discussions, debates and dramatic performances, you’ll learn to analyze, critique and appreciate the artistic and cultural products of the French-speaking world while gaining understanding of the historical context within which these products were created.

Proficiency Goals

Globalization, pressure on natural resources, economic alliances, and ethnic and national conflicts have demonstrated just how desperately the United States needs proficient speakers of second languages who can take leadership positions in their careers and be engaged in the welfare of their communities. If you decide to major or minor in French, you’ll need to pass the DELF proficiency exam. If you decide you wish to teach French, you’ll need to pass an ACTFL Oral Proficiency Interview prior to graduation in addition to completing the required coursework.