Women’s and Gender Studies

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The Women’s and Gender Studies minor challenges traditional assumptions and prepares students to think critically. 

The Women’s Studies program focuses on studying issues from feminist perspectives. Professors work closely with students to help design effective studies covering such topics as gender issues, feminist theories, and historical contributions of women, as well as the realities that face women in today’s society. The Women’s and Gender Studies program also collaborates with the Women’s Issues Advisory Board and members of the MacCurdy House to promote women’s issues, and equality of women, both on and off campus.

Students often pair the minor with majors in English, communication or political science.

The philosophy behind the feminist movement emerged from a desire to focus on topics and issues concerning women’s images, realities and choices. It works to develop an awareness of women’s contributions, concerns, perspectives and theories by considering diversity of class, ethnicity, race and sexual orientation from various feminist perspectives which counterbalance traditional biases. The components of the minor offer a broad, socio-historical and multicultural study of women’s status,
roles and efforts toward survival, change and transformation.

Graduates of the program have gone on to pursue graduate study and achieve professional success in a variety of careers, including public policy, communication, education, activism and social work.