Women’s and Gender Studies

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Introduction to Feminist Thought

Historical and contemporary works examining feminist theoretical approaches to explaining experiences, representations and relative positions of women in society. Overview of American feminist thought, including liberal, cultural, Freudian, socialist, existential and radical feminism. Also considers the contributions of women of color, postmodernists and poststructuralists

The Women’s and Gender Studies minor at Alma College is an interdisciplinary program that examines topics and issues particularly concerning women, gender and sexuality.

Because the program is interdisciplinary, you’ll develop a strong background in the humanities, social sciences and natural sciences while examining topics and issues concerning women, gender and sexuality.

The minor is purposefully flexible so you can build it around a small set of core courses to be complemented with courses from a variety of departments. As you construct a minor based on your interests, you’ll have many opportunities to create their own coursework through independent studies and work closely with faculty members.

If you have questions about the minor or classes, please contact the program director, Dr. Chih-Ping Chen.

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