The Strosacker Theatre from House Right.

The Oscar E. Remick Heritage Center is the home of the Theatre and Dance Department and houses three primary spaces. 

  • Presbyterian Hall – a 500 seat concert hall where all of our music ensembles and the Alma College Dance Company perform;
  • Dance Studio – for teaching dance technique classes in ballet, modern dance, jazz, tap, choreography and yoga;
  • Strosacker Theatre – a 190 seat semi-thrust stage for theatre classes, rehearsals and performances. The Strosacker Theatre is pictured above. 

The Heritage Center also contains a design studio, scene shop, costume shop, dressing rooms and makeup room for teaching theatre classes and mounting our four theatre productions each year.

Some of the features of the Strosacker Theatre include: 

  • a space that fosters an intimate relationship between actor and audience;
  • fully laid out with catwalks for hanging and focusing lights;
  • computerized lighting system;
  • digital audio system for the creation and play back of music and sound effects.

Strosacker Theatre

The Strosacker Theatre from Down Right Stage.


The Design Studio

The Design Studio ? for teaching both hand drafting and computer aided design.


The Costume Shop

The Costume Shop ? for teaching design and for the construction of costumes for production.


The Makeup Room

The Makeup Room ? used for teaching and for production.


The Scene Shop

The Scene Shop ? Drew using the chop saw.


Spring Term Scene Painting Project



The Scene Shop ? Nati & Lauren cleaning paint brushes.



 “It’s the fundamental things:  Being present.  Telling the truth.  Responding spontaneously to whatever happens. Not giving up if odd things happen. The willingness to walk on a threadbare tightrope without a net.”  - Woody Allen





Hillary and Matt painting the set.




“The word theatre comes from the Greeks.  It means the seeing place.  It is the place people come to see the truth about life and the social situation.”  - Stella Adler