Planned Academic & Career Guidance

We’ve assembled a whole team to enable your success.

To keep you on track for graduation, we offer a plethora of academic support and guidance.

What does this mean? Well, from the beginning, Alma students work closely with an academic advisor to plan each step of their education. Whether you need help selecting classes or figuring out how to study abroad, Alma faculty and staff in the Center for Student Opportunity are here to help you.

In addition, the Alma Commitment requires students to attend a number of planning events and workshops that focus on topics such as identifying and applying for internships and résumé planning. All-class conferences also offer guidance at crucial points during your Alma experience.

These events begin during Orientation Week, so you have the opportunity to play an active role in planning your personal and professional goals right from the start. Along the way, whether you’re concerned about graduate school applications or have questions about financial aid, we promise to keep you moving in the right direction toward graduation.