Starfish for Students

Starfish is a success-oriented tool used to facilitate communication with your support network on campus. You can use Starfish to electronically “raise your hand” to reach out to a team of faculty and staff dedicated to your success at Alma College!



This new system makes it easier for Alma College to monitor student progress and help all students be successful.

In the related links section of this page you’ll find links to a student Starfish Help Guide as well as some helpful videos from Starfish.

Starfish FAQ

How will Starfish help students?

Starfish offers a solution for faculty to proactively seek assistance for students who are struggling academically before it is too late. Starfish also offers a means for any staff member on campus to seek assistance for a student they know is in need. Starfish has been put in place with the primary focus of helping all Alma students be successful.

What is a flag in Starfish?

Flags are raised by faculty (as well as various other staff) to communicate a concern about a student. The email includes faculty comments.

Who can see the flags?

Most academic flags go to the student, retention team, academic advisor and other academic support services. As a student you will then receive support by the areas on campus that can best help you succeed.

What is a kudo?

A kudo is a means of expressing positive feedback to students by faculty. Students may be told to Keep Up the Good Work, that they have achieved Outstanding Academic Performance or that they are Showing Improvement. Students will be notified and will see kudos highlighted on their front page of Starfish when they enter the system.

What is a referral in Starfish?

A referral is a way for faculty to guide a student to a specific office or to access a specific resource. Referrals are more supportive than just telling a student they should visit a particular office because they generate an email that tells the student how to connect with that office (where to go, who to contact, etc…) 

Can I use Starfish to schedule my advising meetings?

Yes, if your instructor has chosen to use Starfish for advising meeting scheduling. Find your advisor in your success network and click on the link to schedule an appointment with them. If you don’t see a link under your advisors name for appointment scheduling they may be setting up advising meetings through a different method.

Is there a written training guide for Starfish?

Yes. You’ll find the student Starfish Help Guide in the related links section of this page.

Can I get any one-on-one assistance on Starfish?

Yes. If you have questions or would like more guidance in using Starfish please contact Andrew Bare at x7420 ( who can coordinate further assistance.