Apply for Your Venture

Alma Venture applications for the 2021-22 academic year will open October 1, 2021.


You are eligible to apply for Serve Generously, Lead Purposefully, and Live Responsibly Venture awards when you:

  • Have identified the specific applied experience (alternative break, clinical experience, internship, research, volunteer position, etc.) for which you are seeking financial support
  • Completed all required program components (e.g. reflection surveys and sharing) for any past Alma Venture awards (if applicable)

You are eligible to apply for the Alma Venture Junior Year Experience Award if you:

  • Will have completed at least two full semesters (not counting spring term) at Alma College, and at least 56 credits, by the time the experience is scheduled to begin
  • Have declared a major
  • Are in good academic standing (GPA > 2.0)
  • Are in good financial standing (< $1,000 outstanding on student account)
  • Completed the Sophomore Symposium or Venture Day and submitted an Experiential Learning Action Plan
  • Will be returning to Alma College the semester following your experience (unless you graduate or receive a waiver from the Venture Committee) - NOTE: 2021 ELIGIBILITY EXTENSION - eligibility for graduating seniors has been extended through September 1, 2021.
  • Have secured an opportunity that you believe will be eligible for the Venture program (e.g. if you plan to apply for support for on internship, you must be accepted to an internship program before you submit your Venture application. If you plan to apply for Off-Campus Study, you must be accepted into your host program before you apply for Venture. etc.)


The Venture Committee reviews applications after each of the following deadlines:

Fall semester: November 15, 2021

Winter semester: February 27, 2022

Summer 2021 Extension for Posey Global Fellowship:

  • Posey Global Fellowship for global service and leadership: will be reviewed on an “as-completed” basis for summer 2021, while funds remain

Notes about the application deadline:

  • Applicants whose program timeline does not align with these deadlines should contact Carla Jensen in the Center for Student Opportunity. 

Creating a Venture Budget

Before you apply, review this information on Venture-eligible expenses that can be covered by a Venture award.

Apply Here

Access your Junior Year Applied Experience application here!

Access the Serve Generously, Lead Purposefully, Live Responsibly application here!

Information for Venture Recipients

Once your application has been approved, be sure to review these instructions for post-return Venture requirements.


For questions or assistance with your application, please email or schedule an appointment with Carla Jensen on Handshake.