Apply for Your Venture

The Alma Venture program is now accepting applications for 2022-23 experiences!


  • Junior Year Experience applications will be accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis. Allow at least two weeks for processing.
    • Applications for Spring Term 2023 travel should be submitted by October 6, 2022 
  • The Venture Committee reviews applications for Serve Generously/Lead Purposefully/Live Responsibly awards after each of the following deadlines:
    • Fall semester: November 13, 2022
    • Winter semester: April 2, 2023
      • Note: Posey Global applications will be considered twice during the winter semester, with deadlines on March 17 and April 2.
    • Applicants whose program timeline does not align with these deadlines should contact Carla Jensen in the Center for Student Opportunity. 

Creating a Venture Budget

Review this information on Venture-eligible expenses prior to applying.

Apply Here

Junior Year Experience Award

Access your Junior Year Applied Experience application at

You are eligible to apply for the Alma Venture Junior Year Experience Award if you:

  • Will have completed at least two full semesters (not counting spring term) at Alma College, and at least 56 credits, by the time the experience is scheduled to begin
  • Have declared a major
  • Are in good academic standing (GPA > 2.0)
  • Are in good financial standing (< $1,000 outstanding on student account)
  • Completed the Sophomore Symposium or Venture Day and submitted an Experiential Learning Action Plan
  • Will be returning to Alma College the semester following your experience (unless you graduate or receive a waiver from the Venture Committee).
  • Have secured an opportunity that you believe will be eligible for the Venture program (e.g. if you plan to apply for support for on internship, you must be accepted to an internship program before you submit your Venture application. If you plan to apply for Off-Campus Study, you must be accepted into your host program before you apply for Venture. etc.)
  • Are not receiving other Alma College funding (e.g. CORE or other Alma Venture grant) for the same experience.
  • Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.
Serve Generously, Lead Purposefully, Live Responsibly Awards

You are eligible to apply when you:

  • Have identified the specific applied experience (alternative break, clinical experience, internship, research, volunteer position, etc.) for which you are seeking financial support
  • Completed all required program components (e.g. reflection surveys and sharing) for any past Alma Venture awards (if applicable)
  • Are not receiving other Alma College funding (e.g. CORE or other Alma Venture grant) for the same experience.
  • Applications are accepted once per semester (see deadlines below) and assessed competitively

Access the Serve Generously, Lead Purposefully, Live Responsibly applications here:

Award Name
Maximum Award

Alma “Serve Generously” Award for Service and Advocacy


In support of service or advocacy with a non-profit entity. Awarded on a sliding scale based on duration.

Alma “Lead Purposefully” Award for Leadership and Professional Development

Award amounts may vary. Typically approximately 50% of the anticipated experience cost, up to a maximum of $1,000

In support of a student presenting faculty-sponsored research at a conference or accepted to participate in a workshop related to their academic discipline, or a proposed leadership initiative of their own design. Note: Students proposing academic conference travel may request additional funds (typically up to 25% of the total cost) from their sponsoring department.

Alma “Live Responsibly” Award for Internships, Clinical Experience, and Research $2,500 In support of internships, research, or clinical experiences. The experience must include at least 150 hours of applied experience.
Alternative Break Award $500 In support of participation in an Alma College Alternative Break
Currie Scholarship $2500 +waiver of campus summer housing fee Sophomores and juniors completing a scholarly or creative project in collaboration with a faculty mentor
Kinney Scholarship $2,500 Completing original research related to the Bill of Rights. Proposals which clearly cross-disciplinary boundaries and/or require travel to research sites are strongly encouraged.
Posey Global Fellowship n/a (average award amount = $4,800) ‘Hands-on’ opportunity, transboundary issue or context, development of leadership skills, qualifications of student, financial need, ability to make a unique contribution to the program
Gazmararian Scholarship

$3,100 for Spring Term,

$3,600 for Summer Scholars

In support of international experiences for declared BUS majors and minors


For questions or assistance with your application, please email or schedule an appointment with Carla Jensen on Handshake.