PlaidWorks Micro-Internship Initiative

Alma College is offering students a PlaidWorks Grant up to $500 when they complete a PlaidWorks Micro-Internship.

A micro-internship is a short term (20-40 hour) professional project, similar to that which could be completed by an intern or entry-level employee, and which can be completed entirely remotely. 

The PlaidWorks Micro-internship grant is available to Alma students and 2021 graduates in amounts of $250 (for projects of approximately 20 hours) or $500 (for projects of approximately 40 hours) for the completion of micro-internship projects for not-for-profit and civic organizations, while grant funds last.

Students completing a PlaidWorks micro-internship gain work experience and explore career paths, while non-profit host organizations benefit from skilled assistance with projects that support their mission. Examples of projects could include: social media review or content generation, research and data analysis, copywriting, and data cleaning.

What are the benefits to students?

  • Accessible from anywhere
  • Flexible hours allow students to work around other commitments
  • Career exploration: try out different types of work and build professional experience

What are the benefits to micro-internship hosts?

  • Get help with projects
  • Identify and vet candidates for future entry level jobs
  • An avenue for alumni and friends of the college to support the career development and exploration of Alma Scots
For Host Organizations
To be eligible to post a PlaidWorks micro-internship, host organizations must:
  • Be a not-for-profit or local government entity*
  • Designate a micro-internship supervisor. 
    • The supervisor should be available to confer and answer questions at regular intervals throughout the duration of the project.
    • The supervisor agrees to provide feedback upon completion of the project.
    • The supervisor agrees to review and respond to applications in a timely manner.
To be eligible, a project must:
  • Be able to be completed in 15-45 hours
  • Be completed remotely
  • Comply with all applicable laws
  • Not require the student to make any financial contributions, including the purchase of special materials.

By submitting a project, the host organization affirms that they are eligible to host the selected student as an unpaid volunteer. By agreeing to post the micro-internship project, Alma College does not guarantee a match with a student for completion of the project but will assist in sharing information with students about the projects available, using our job and internship search platform, Handshake. Grants shall be awarded, while funds last, at the time that a successful match is made between a student applicant and a host organization project. Alma College reserves the right to limit host organizations to a maximum of two grant-funded projects.

*For-profit entities are not eligible for PlaidWorks grants, but are invited to post paid micro-internship projects at Parker Dewey.

To Submit a Project:

  1. Complete and submit an application to have your project description reviewed.
  2. You will receive notification from careerdevelopment@alma.du when your project proposal has been reviewed. Approved projects will be posted to Handshake, our online job and internship posting board, by Career Development staff.
  3. Student applications will be sent directly, through Handshake, to the project supervisor at the email address provided on the form. Please review and reply to applications in a timely manner. The supervisor may make a decision based solely on the application materials submitted or may establish an interview process.
  4. When you have selected a student that you would like to have complete the posted project, please send them an offer letter via email and copy When the student replies with their acceptance (copying, Career Development staff will email both the student and supervisor to confirm the allocation of a PlaidWorks grant for that student.
  5. Upon completion of the project, both the supervisor and the student must complete the PlaidWorks Micro-internship Feedback Form. Upon receipt of both feedback forms, Career Development staff will initiate disbursal of the grant to the student.
For Students & Recent Graduates
To search PlaidWorks Micro-internship projects:
  1. Log into Handshake at Type the word “PlaidWorks” into the search bar
  2. Search available projects*. If you find a project you are interested in, click “Apply” to submit your resume and answer the application questions. You may also email the listed contact if you have questions.
  3. If you receive an offer or a request for an interview, respond in a timely manner.
  4. If you receive an offer via email, make sure you ask any questions you have and are clear about the expectations and timeline before you accept the project. To accept the offer, reply to the offer email and be sure to copy so that we can allocated grant funds for your project. You will receive a confirmation email from with more information about the grant disbursal process.
  5. Upon completion of the project, both the supervisor and the student must complete the PlaidWorks Micro-internship Feedback Form. Upon receipt of both feedback forms, Career Development staff will initiate disbursal of the grant.

Note that the grant is disbursed upon completion of the project. Failure to complete the project in a timely manner may result in forfeiting the grant. If you encounter difficulty completing the project, whether due to technical difficulties or life circumstances, please contact and the project supervisor as soon as possible.

Grant amounts (either $250 or $500) are based on the number of hours the host organization estimates it will take to complete the volunteer project. However, projects may be completed in more or less time due to a number of factors. This will not affect the grant amount once it has been awarded. If you believe a project of interest will take significantly more time than the estimate, please address this with the host organization prior to agreeing to the project. In the event that this becomes clear after you have accepted the project, communicate with your supervisor about the scope of the project.

Career and Personal Development staff are here to support you before, during, and after your micro-internship experience. If you have any questions or concerns about the process, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

PlaidWorks grants may have tax consequences. Students are advised to seek tax advice on this matter from a tax professional or at the following resource page: In addition, grant funds may affect eligibility for Federal Work Study and/or loans. Students are advised to meet with Financial Aid to seek advice on this matter.

*Not finding a project that is a good fit for you? You may also want to check out employer-paid micro-internship projects at Parker Dewey.