Financial Counseling

We help you find and use financial resources, research scholarships and understand student loans, effectively budget your finances, and prepare for financial independence after college.

The Financial Counseling Office is located in the Center for Student Opportunity.

In addition to assisting you in finding financial resources, we also work with you to understand and shape your spending habits, create and work with a budget and how to adjust your financial perceptions into positive, effective financial planning. Our conversations are private.

Cash Convo

Our goal is to get you planning ahead and thinking long-term about finances. But what does that mean for you? What are your questions? What is your goal?

A Cash Convo with our financial counselor can be a one-on-one session, a small-group meeting, or a planned workshop.

A Team Approach

We work closely with the Diversity and Inclusion Office, the Career and Personal DevelopmenT Office, and the Financial Aid Office to ensure that you you know about the resources available to you on campus. 

You can also spot us in the classroom! We hold classroom presentations on financial topics like financial aid, scholarship searches and application tips, good spending habits, and how to organize a personal budget.