Registration & Documentation

In college, it is up to each student to decide whether to disclose his or her disability. 

Alma College is committed to providing equal opportunity for participation in all programs, services, and activities. If, at any point in the semester, a disability, mental or physical health condition, or personal circumstance affect your learning or experience on campus, you are welcome (but not required) to contact us in the Academic Support and Disability Services Office at By making a plan through the Academic Support and Disability Services Office, you can ensure support and/or accommodation(s) without disclosing your condition(s) and/or circumstance(s) to your course instructors. Our bodies and circumstances are continuously changing so it is never too late to request support or accommodations — we are committed to helping you succeed!

Please see the Classroom Accommodations, Housing Accommodations, and or Assistance Animals webpage(s) to review the accommodation request processes and documentation requirements for those accommodation types. 

Undiagnosed disabilities

If you suspect you may have an undiagnosed disability, you should schedule an appointment with the Academic Support and Disability Services Office to discuss options and resources that are available.