Classroom Accommodations

Alma will provide reasonable classroom accommodations to students with disabilities.

Accommodations are individually determined based upon discussions between the student and the Disability Services Coordinator, a review of the documentation, and input from relevant faculty/staff members (while maintaining confidentiality).

Classroom accommodations at the college level may differ from modifications that were available in high school. Accommodations may not alter an essential component of a course. Some common examples of accommodations that may be approved include:

  • Extended time on tests or exams,
  • Testing in a separate room,
  • Use of adaptive technology,
  • Note taking services,
  • Alternative format textbooks, and/or
  • Advance copies of an instructor’s notes/outlines.

Requesting accommodations

  1. A student who is registered with Disability Support Services (see Registration/Documentation) will meet with the Disability Services Coordinator at the beginning of each term and complete the Accommodation Letter Request.
  2. The Disability Services Coordinator will draft a letter to each of the student’s instructors listing the approved accommodations.
  3. The student will be notified that the letters are completed and ready to be picked up at the Center for Student Opportunity.

An example of a typical accommodation letter

It is up to the student to distribute the letters to the instructors. This is important in order to protect confidentiality and to promote self-advocacy and independence. A student is encouraged to talk with his or her instructor about the letter and the reasons for the accommodations, but it is not required.

Faculty members are aware of the policies and procedures surrounding accommodations in the classroom. If a student feels comfortable talking about his or her needs, an instructor might be able to offer suggestions specific to his or her course and style of teaching that may be more effective than the accommodations alone.

Students who are apprehensive about presenting an Accommodation Letter to one or more instructors can talk with Maria Jones for assistance with this task.