Assistive Technology

We believe that every Alma College student should have equal opportunity to learn, grow and succeed. That’s why we offer assistive technologies to those who need it.

Alma College offers the Kurzweil 3000 software program for Alma College students to use. The program provides text-to-speech options for users and it also has a variety of tools to enhance reading, writing, and studying, including:

  • Advanced dictionary,
  • Homophone finder,
  • Highlighting function,
  • Text to mp3 conversion,
  • Fact mapping, and
  • Word prediction

Other assistive technology resources available at the Center for Student Opportunity include:

  • Dragon Naturally Speaking—voice recognition software,
  • ZoomText — screen magnifier/reader,
  • Smart Pen — recording device, and
  • DigiMemo — handwriting recognition.

For more information about assistive technologies available at Alma College, contact the Disability Services Coordinator via email at at