For Sophomores

Focus: Planning and preparation.

Revise your resume.

Take the experiences from freshman year and incorporate them into your document. As always, the Career Peer Advisors are here to help.

Increase your focus on your personal brand.

Toward the end of your sophomore year, you will likely be exploring concrete internship or research opportunities. If you haven’t attended a Personal Branding Workshop, now is the time!

Attend Career EXPLO in October.

Yes, again. Ask more questions. Explore more potential paths. Begin inquiring about internships in your field of study.

Attend a Job/Internship Search Workshop.

Particularly if you’d like to get a head start on identifying an internship, it’s a great idea to start now.

Discuss experiential learning with your academic advisor and the CSO staff.

To be successful in your major, you need to do more than take the right classes. You need to apply what you’re learning outside the classroom in a variety of ways. Your advisor and staff members in the CSO can help connect you to opportunities and assist you in making future plans.