For Seniors

Focus: Putting it all together.

Polish your resume.

Incorporate junior year experiences and make sure your document is appropriate for your desired audience.


Keep networking.

Yes, we want you to come to Career EXPLO again. But we also want you to reach out to professionals in careers you find interesting and ask for advice. You never know who will be in a position to suggest an opportunity or influence your application.


Search smart, early and with dedication.

Take the tips from our Job/Internship Search Workshop and set out to identify potential positions. Companies with established leadership training programs for new graduates will often make their hiring decisions in the fall, so don’t wait! In fact, apply for whatever interests you, even if graduation seems a long way off. And finally, remember: this is essentially your final project. Give it your time and energy.


Don’t miss graduate school deadlines!

Work on your applications early so you have time to carefully craft CVs, personal statements and other documents. Use the Career Peer Advisors and the Writing Center to help, along with your academic advisor.


Get interview experience.

Whether that means applying for the Chicago In-City Interview Program or doing mock interviews with alumni and Career Peer Advisors here on campus, you can never practice too many times.


Access the Junior/Senior Toolkit for more resources and advice.

And remember, we’re here to help if you need it.