For Juniors

Focus: Experiences galore!

Revise your resume.

Incorporate last year’s experiences with a focus on showcasing your responsibilities, skills and accomplishments. Expect to be submitting your resume for internship and research opportunities as early as September and October!

Get connected with LinkedIn.

Make sure you have a complete, professional profile and connect with everyone you know. Use it to learn more about their experiences and stay in touch with new contacts you meet. Attending a LinkedIn Lunch can help you get started.

Become more intentional about your personal brand.

This is the time to interact with companies and industry leaders through Twitter; join discussion groups on LinkedIn; and consider creating a portfolio of your work via a personal website. Either a Personal Branding Workshop or the Career Peer Advisors can provide assistance.

Attend Career EXPLO in October.

Again. We mean it. This time, wear business professional attire and bring your resume. Make it clear you are seeking internships and building relationships that can provide advice as you prepare for your career. Afterward, connect with them on LinkedIn.

Attend a Job/Internship Search Workshop.

We’ll provide advice on the search process, including how to use your network to identify opportunities. Remember, if you’re seeking an internship, applications may be due as early as September or October, so be proactive!

Be aware of graduate school requirements and deadlines.

If you are considering graduate school, speak with your academic advisor. Research programs of interest and make sure you are on track with prerequisites and required examinations.

Do a mock interview.

You can schedule one with the peer consultants or attend one of our larger-scale events.

Consider applying for the Chicago In-City Interview Program.

If you’d like to intern in Chicago, there will be chances to interview for actual internship positions. The main focus, however, is on helping you build your network and become comfortable in professional interactions.

Make the most of your internship or other experiences.

Spend some time reflecting on what you learn as you intern, research or travel through the summer after your junior year.