For Freshmen

Focus: Exploration and preparation.

Start working on your resume.

Whether you already have one or are starting from scratch, the Career Peer Advisors can help you. Keep in mind that it may take 2-3 weeks to fully polish your document, so if you have a deadline, please allow the needed time.


Check your online presence.

You’ll make many connections as you take advantage of opportunities in career and personal development, and you want them to think of you in a positive light. Make sure your social media accounts accurately represent how you’d like to be perceived.


Attend Career EXPLO in October.

We’ve designed this event with exploration in mind, so come and meet successful alumni and other professionals. Some may be recruiting for specific job or internship opportunities, but most just want to answer your questions about their career paths, which in turn can give you ideas about potential directions. (And don’t worry, we’ll have some prep workshops to help you start those conversations!)

Register for the 2020 Career EXPLO


Have meaningful conversations with faculty.

As you determine your major, it’s helpful to ask faculty in the classes you enjoy: What do graduates in your department go on to do? Some answers will surprise you!


If you need help with major selection, come see us.

We can help you come up with a plan for figuring out your major.


Access the First Year Toolkit for more advice and resources.