Personal Branding

Branding campaigns aren’t just for companies—they’re for individuals, too. A strong, positive personal brand can make you memorable, and when you’re competing for big opportunities, you’ll want to stand out from the crowd.

Developing a personal brand is a very individualized process. We offer Personal Branding Workshops to get you started with the basic concepts, and encourage you to follow up with a Career Peer Advisor to evaluate your strategies and discuss additional options. All sessions will focus on developing consistency across three main areas:

Your Brand In Person

How do you introduce yourself? How do you conduct yourself in a professional atmosphere? What does your choice of dress say about you? What are you known for in a workplace, whether in the context of a summer job or a significant internship? How do you demonstrate your skills?

Your Brand On Paper

How do your personal characteristics, major accomplishments, passions and goals shine through on your resume? Are you comfortable writing cover letters that tell your story? Do you have business cards for a quick exchange in a networking situation?

Your Brand Online

Do you have a complete, professional profile on LinkedIn? What do your other social media accounts say about you? How are you using them, along with a personal Web page or a blog, to promote your brand?

Remember, who are you are in person, on paper and online are the same person. Be consistent, be strategic and be genuine. We’re here to help you begin the process!