We’ve all heard the saying, “It’s not what you know; it’s who you know.” We think it’s both, actually, but there’s no denying the power of networking.

Networking means cultivating relationships that will help you:

  • Learn about potential career fields
  • Identify opportunities
  • Successfully grow throughout your career

We believe networking is an integral step in being successful after Alma. Whether you’re trying to determine your career path, explore graduate school options or get job leads, learning how to use your network and developing positive relationships is a key skill. To that end, we offer a variety of networking-related workshops, events and resources.

Scots on the Spot Job Shadow Program

Job shadowing allows students to explore career interests, experience a day-in-the-life of a specific occupation and culture within an organization, and launch meaningful relationships that can support them as they search for internships and employment opportunities.

For Students

Ready to learn more about your desired career path or wondering, “What can I do with this major”? The Scots on the Spot job shadow program provides an opportunity to connect with successful alumni or friends of the college in order to explore various career paths.

How to Get Involved
To be considered for Scots on the Spot Job Shadow Program, please complete the interest form. By filling out this interest form you will become part of the selection and matching process.

Scots on the Spot Job Shadow Program Student Interest Form

Interested students must complete a Scots on the Spot orientation in order to participate. Our goal is to provide both students and sponsors with a positive, meaningful vocational experience. Get prepped for success!

Once matched, students are responsible for communicating with their sponsor in a timely manner in order to schedule a job shadow date.

Students are responsible for transporting themselves to and from the job shadowing site, locating and paying for any necessary lodging, researching the organization in advance of the shadowing day, and coming prepared with questions.

The length of your job shadow experience will depend upon your sponsor. Sponsors may design their own agenda, which could last between two hours to two days. The length of the shadow may depend on availability, appropriateness, and virtual vs. in-person format. Communicate your schedule limitations/requirements and job shadow desires upfront when working with your sponsor to schedule your shadowing experience.

For Sponsors

Take a Scot “on the spot” by providing a job shadowing experience! Depending on the nature of your industry and organization, providing a job shadow experience may include:

  • A tour of your facility
  • Observation of your daily work
  • Sitting in on meetings
  • Assisting with tasks and actual projects (conducting research, writing reports, etc.)
  • Introducing your team or other co-workers
  • Informational interviews with you or others in your organization in various specialties and roles

How to Get Involved
Submit a job shadow sponsorship form here to provide us with details on your proposed shadowing experience. We will be in contact once we have a match for a job shadow with your organization. Please note that matching with a Scot is not a guarantee for potential sponsors.

Link: Scots on the Spot Job Shadow Sponsor Volunteer Form

Sponsors are expected to introduce their profession, industry, and organization; provide a tour of the workplace; answer questions; and most importantly, allow a student to observe their daily routine. Some sponsors choose to arrange meetings or informational interviews between the student and other professionals; others engage the student in a project.

The sponsor should expect the student to be ready to learn, observe, and ask questions. Scots on the Spot is designed to provide students with exposure to a field, it is not expected that the student will yet have relevant job experience.

Sponsors should avoid assigning clerical tasks, and focus on creating opportunities for students to engage in activities that give them insight into a field.

A sponsor may design their own agenda, which could last between two hours to two days. The length of the shadow may depend on availability, appropriateness, and virtual vs. in-person format.

  • Submissions for sponsors will open in November.
  • Student applications will open mid-November.
  • Once matched, the sponsor and student(s) will pick a mutually convenient date between December and May.

Contact Brittany Stoneman, Associate Director of Career and Personal Development, at or (989) 463-7576.


We want to give you the tools you need to expand your network and make the best use of the connections you create. We like to start by introducing you to, the world’s largest professional network on the Internet. Our on-demand LinkedIn webinar provides a fantastic introduction to LinkedIn’s networking and research capabilities, and more personalized appointments with the Career Peer Advisors and professional staff can help you with your specific goals. 

Career EXPLO Photo Networking Events and Resources

Career EXPLO is our largest networking event, bringing alumni and other professionals to campus the Friday of Homecoming week specifically to speak with students. Underclassmen use Career EXPLO to discover potential career paths, while upperclassmen often identify specific job and internship opportunities as a result of the connections they make.

The Chicago In-City Interview Trip is an immersive networking experience occurring over our spring break. After a significant amount of preparation, we take students to Chicago for three days of in-person networking experiences. They attend a reception with Alma College alumni, then navigate the city based on their personal schedules to meet with various contacts. Some even have actual internship interviews!

Career EXPLO Photo And don’t forget the strength of the Alma College Alumni Association, which hosts regular events to connect graduates across the country.