Chicago In-City Interview Program

This longstanding Alma College program connects students with alumni in the Chicago area to help students build professional skills and networks and to identify career opportunities.

Alumni and Employer Registration

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Emily Piontek ('16) and Darryl Schimeck ('82) at the 2016 Chicago In-City Program networking receptionEmily Piontek ('16) and Darryl Schimeck ('82) at the 2016 Chicago In-City Program networking receptionEach year during Spring Break, a group of Alma students travels to Chicago for the In-City Interview Program for three days.  Participants attend a networking reception with Alma College alumni, take part in one-on-one networking and internship interviews with alumni and professionals, and of course, have the opportunity to navigate the Windy City. 

Participants not only gain valuable experience in interviewing and networking, they also build confidence and connect with great internship and employment opportunities.

Preparation starts early, with a series of workshops, exercises, and events specially designed to make sure participants arrive in Chicago prepared to succeed and to make a great impression.

Chicago In-City Program Information

When: February 24-26, 2019
Cost: $100 and includes transportation to and from Chicago, lodging, and some meals

Are you interested in applying?

Registration for 2019 is now open! Submit your resume and a cover letter explaining why you want to participate in the Chicago In-City Interview Program to Maria Jones at

If you do not have a resume, make an appointment to meet with a peer consultant in the Center for Student Opportunity to develop your resume prior to applying.

Hear from past participants:

[The alumni] were all so wonderful and eager to give advice that it has helped build my self-confidence. With the advice and new found confidence from this trip, I feel prepared to face the obstacles ahead.” – Art Major Erin Chon

Richard Demarois


 “All of the alumni were very helpful and offered lots of sincere, genuine advice to connect, network and improve interviewing skills. I am truly grateful to have been a part of this and would recommend it to everyone.” – Business Major Richard Demarois


Bio major Ryan WeaverI feel that I was able to gain confidence and become a stronger interviewer as a direct result of this trip. I especially appreciate all the time and energy the alumni took to support me.” – Biology Major Ryan Weaver



Emily PiontekI cannot express how glad I am that I went on this trip! I absolutely loved it! The only regret I had is that I had not participated until I was a senior. All of our alumni are incredible. The reception was one of my favorite parts of the trip. I feel much more comfortable and confident in my interviewing skills. The In-City Interview Program is now one of my favorite memories from Alma.” – Business Major Emily Piontek



Thomas GriffithThe Chicago In-City Interview Program was one of the single greatest experiences I have had at Alma College. I learned so much and they were experiences that are impossible to attain in a classroom.” - Business Major Thomas Griffith