All-Class Conference

As part of the Alma Commitment to planned academic and career guidance, the Center for Student Opportunity will provide timely guidance during each of your years at Alma College.

These events will bring together students, faculty, staff and alumni to share timely information that is important and relevant at each stage in your journey.

These conferences are a part of the Alma Commitment. You must attend Venture Day in order to remain eligible for the Venture Program.

You will receive information about the relevant events by email at the beginning of each academic year. If you entered Alma with transfer credit (e.g. transfer students, international baccalaureate, or AP credits), you may be invited to a class conference that does not correspond to your academic standing (e.g. you have enough credits to be considered a junior but receive email about the sophomore conference).

First Year

Will take place in fall term

During and prior to orientation and your First Year Seminar, you will receive information from you First Year Seminar instructor, First Year Guide, and Transition Coach about campus resources, including the Venture Program, and begin to explore different paths that can guide you toward your future goals.

Sophomore Year

Will take place in fall term

Venture Day will take place in October. You will be able to attend one main session, and then choose from multiple special topics sessions.

Venture Day will help you prepare to make the most of opportunities – like the Alma Venture Program – that are available to you this year.

  • Explore the applied experiential learning opportunities that are right for you – internships, study abroad, clinical experiences, research, service and leadership, and more
  • Learn about the Alma College awards and grants that can help support your experience of choice and details about how to apply
  • Complete an Experiential Learning Action Plan

Junior Year

Will take place in fall term

A variety of workshops to prepare you for your internships, graduate school applications, and future career will take place around Career Week. To complete your Junior Conference:

  • Attend Career Explo and other Career Week activities of your choice
  • Make sure that you have a resume polished and reviewed by the CSO: peer consultants are available to assist you with your resume Monday through Thursday evenings from 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm in the CSO. A variety of resume work sessions are also available as part of Career Week.
    • When you attend Career Explo on the Friday before Homecoming (1:00 - 3:00 pm), dress professionally, bring your resume, and network with alumni and employers.  Explore career paths and opportunities at this supportive and exciting event.

Senior Year

Will take place throughout the year

Watch for an email early in the fall semester with a survey about your level of comfort with post-Alma planning, including applying for jobs and/or graduate school. When you submit your survey responses, you will receive a personalized plan to help you make the most of the time and resources available to you in this crucial final year on campus.