“Tutoring helped me focus on important concepts and understand the material better!”

To request a tutor…

To request a tutor, email with the following information: what class(es) you would like a tutor for, the best way for your tutor to contact you (include your phone number if it’s by phone), and any preferences you have for your tutor.

Once we have all of that information, you are ready to be matched!

Students are typically matched with a tutor within 48 hours and an email is sent with the tutor’s contact information. The tutor also receives an email with the student’s contact information. The tutor and student determine their own schedule.

If we receive a request for a class that we don’t currently have a tutor for, we’ll do our best to recruit someone.

If you have questions, call Maria Jones at 989-463-7428 or email

To be a tutor…

Tutoring is a great way for students to earn extra money and help their fellow classmates! The hours are flexible, you determine your own schedule and the number of students and classes you’d like to tutor.

If you’re interested, fill out a tutor application. On it we require a signature from a professor who knows your work and is able to attest to your ability to tutor a particular course. You will also need to attend a brief orientation and training session for new tutors.

If you have questions, or would like to sign up to be a tutor, please call Maria Jones at (989) 463-7428 or email


Tutoring and SI fast facts from the winter 2020 semester.