Academic Support Services

Whether it’s making the adjustment to college academics, getting through a challenging course, figuring out how to maximize study time, or finding a different approach to test taking, we’re here to help

We offer a variety of services designed to assist students. These include:

Individual Appointments

Students desiring one-on-one assistance can make individual appointments with an academic support specialist to discuss difficulties, identify needs, find resources, and develop a plan for improvement. To schedule an appointment call Rhonda Linn at (989) 463-7407 or email


Peer tutoring is available free of charge for Alma College students.


Workshops on a variety of topics are offered regularly throughout the term. Some of the general topics include time management, note taking, study skills, test taking, organization, learning strategies and stress management. Please contact Rhonda Linn for scheduled workshops at (989) 463-7407.

Strategic Learning Class

The goal of this class is to increase understanding of the learning process and help students develop skills that can enhance performance. This is a non-credit class and there is no cost to enroll.

The four sections of this course include Basics (adjusting to college, time management, organization), Strategic Learning (learning styles, note taking, study skills, exam skills), Personal Awareness (managing stress, staying healthy, balancing workload), and Moving Forward (academic plan, goal setting, career exploration).