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Aging and Health Institutions

In this class, you’ll examine key concepts, main theories and substantive issues related to aging and health institutions from a sociological perspective. Among the central issues you’ll explore are gender and racial differences in aging, ethnic minorities, and institutions connected to aging and public policy.

Sociology investigates basic processes, structures, culture and change in social reality and what it means to be human in that complex reality. 

Sociology at Alma encompasses: (1) method and theory—the logic of inquiry; (2) vocation—the ethically self-conscious examination of actions; and (3) the intended and unintended consequences of social action.

While studying sociology entails challenge and intellectual risk, it also promotes intellectual and ethical development in the best traditions of liberal education.

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  • Dr. Gregory Bechill ’90: A Physician Comes Home

    “My undergrad experience prepared me with the skills I need to work in healthcare. Patients come from all walks of life and social situations. If I had just studied one thing, I’d be missing a major part of the puzzle that you need to have to be an effective physician.” — Dr. Gregory Bechill ’90