Religious Studies

What Can I Do With A Religious Studies Major?

Students who major or minor in Religious Studies are exceptionally well prepared in critical thinking, reading, writing, and communication. They are also prepared to interact sensitively and respectfully with people from diverse backgrounds. [NOTE: The Religious Studies major has been discontinued with the class of 2022.] 

As such, our graduates go on to a wide variety of graduate programs and jobs after Alma. Many join the pre-ministry program and apply to seminaries or divinity schools in preparation for careers in ministry, whether in churches, prisons, hospitals, or the military. Some pursue master’s degrees in fields like social work, law, or museum studies, while others have done overseas internships, taken positions in AmeriCorps/Vista or other areas of higher education, or gone directly to work in the for-profit sector.

The only limits to what you can do with a major or minor in Religious Studies are the limits you put on yourself!