Religious Studies

Get To Know Us

The flexibility of our major means that interested students are able to combine it with majors or minors in other fields. Religious Studies goes with anything and everything. [NOTE: The REL major has been discontinued with the class of 2022.] 

Students who major or minor in Religious Studies have also majored or minored in Political Science, English, Philosophy, Sociology, Psychology, Chemistry, Music, Education, Women’s and Gender Studies, and Health Care Administration.

A major in Religious Studies requires the completion of 36 credits (9 semesters) of coursework, including REL 100: Introduction to World Religions and our capstone seminar, REL 400: Theory and Method in the Study of Religion. Students who wish to earn departmental honors can also undertake a senior thesis (REL 500) on a topic of their choosing. A minor in Religious Studies requires the completion of 24 credits (6 semesters), including World Religions and Theory and Method. 

Students may select from a variety of courses, including biblical studies (e.g., Hebrew Bible, New Testament, Revelation, or Jesus in Gospel and Film), topical courses (e.g., Philosophy of Religion, Religion and Science, Religion and Sexuality), and more in-depth courses on specific traditions (Judaism and Islam, Christianity, or Asian Philosophy and Religion).

Many of our majors also participate in travel spring terms, such as Prof. Richter’s “Reformation in Germany” or Prof. Douglas’s “Geography of the Bible.” Some students also do internships during the summers or regular terms.