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Students in SAC lab.

Put everything you’re learning to the test through independent research and practicum experiences.

Learn how and why people think, feel and act from a scientific perspective. Hone your knowledge in the classroom and the lab.

Studying Psychology at Alma College

As a psychology student, you’ll explore the relationship between the mind, brain and body. You’ll build a solid foundation in academic psychology, including hands-on experiments in our state-of-the-art facilities, before embarking on specialized study, research and experience around the globe.

At Alma, our psychology facilities are designed with you in mind. Our 14,000-sq.-ft. space includes faculty offices and laboratories designed for both animal and human studies. You’ll work in our specialized facilities, including one-way mirror observation rooms, a computer lab, sleep laboratories, sound- and light-proof rooms and a neuroscience lab.

When it comes to designing your own research, you’ll have access to a dedicated laboratory or project space, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in your project and preparing you for graduate-level research.

Program Highlights

When you study psychology at Alma College, you’ll develop a comprehensive understanding of the primary areas of the discipline: learning, perception and cognition, human development, individual differences, social psychology and abnormal psychology. Then, you’ll explore pathways to specialize, delving into topics such as computational, behavioral, cognitive and developmental psychology.

And this isn’t just your typical classroom learning. You’ll conduct experiments from the start of your program, even in your introductory courses — setting Alma apart from many other institutions.

As you progress, you’ll have the opportunity to design an original research project, travel to international sites and learn specialized skills such as psychophysical measurement — all guided by close mentorship from our expert faculty.

“All of the opportunities we have here, I feel like you can’t get anywhere else. To have research experience as an undergrad is very rare and it’s something that can only happen with dedicated faculty.”

– Blake Jonassen
Psychology Major

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Where Can Psychology Take Me?

As a student of psychology, you’ll experience the full advantage of Alma’s commitment to educating for careers and for life.

Alumni from Alma’s psychology program now work in fields such as cognitive science, public health, law, medicine, social work and management. Many have gone on to graduate-level study in neuroscience and a wide range of psychological specialties.

Throughout your time at Alma, the Center for Student Opportunity will help you chart your path and identify research and internship opportunities that will prepare you for work or graduate study. That’s why Zippia recognizes Alma College as the top school in Michigan to land you a psychology job after graduation!