Application & Interview

How do I apply for medical school?

The application process for medical school is very detailed and can be quite complex.  Many medical schools offer acceptance on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Therefore, the sooner you complete and submit the application, the better your chances of being accepted.  High quality applicants are often wait-listed because they did not complete the application process early in the application cycle. 

Both MD and DO programs have separate application processes.  Please see the information below for more detailed information.

AAMC – MD Application Process

AACOM – DO Application Process

Once your application has been received and processed by AAMC or AACOM you will begin to receive secondary applications from individual medical schools.  These applications should be completed and returned as quickly as possible! 

After receiving your secondary application, interested schools will invite you to interview.  The purpose of the interview is for the admissions panel to evaluate your character, personality, communication skills, and other attributes that may contribute to your success as a physician.  You will find many interviewing tips at AAMC – The Basics