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At Alma, there are many avenues to a medical career through a variety of disciplines. Your liberal arts education will allow you to study other fields in tandem with the pre-medicine track to understand their connections and better prepare you for your career.

Pre-medical preparation is both challenging and exciting.  Here at Alma College your liberal arts education will provide you with the opportunity to obtain the essential academic competencies needed to be successful in medical school. 

Each major available at Alma offers many strengths in their approach to medicine – this means that you have the freedom to choose the major that matches your particular academic interest or career goals.  Many students interested in medical school opt for a major in Biology, Chemistry, Integrative Physiology and Health Sciences, Biochemistry, or even Psychology.  However, medical schools are encouraging any student, regardless of major, to consider the strengths that they could bring to a career in medicine.  At Alma, this opportunity is available to all students!

Here at Alma faculty are your advisors which allows you to get expert guidance regarding courses, research projects, study abroad and co-curricular activities.  Some of the resources available include academic advising and tutoring, volunteer opportunities at local medical facilities, and research opportunities with faculty. 

For more information regarding a Career in Medicine visit the following sites:

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