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First year students in Victor Argueta's “Explorations in Engineering” class learn to program our 3D printer.

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Physical Computing

Integrating mechanical design, digital fabrication, and electronics to bring your ideas to life. Whether your passion is in biomechanics, unmanned vehicles, or art installations, this is a class to create your first prototype.

Technology & science for the benefit of society

Are you creative? Are you curious? Do you appreciate the beauty of a bridge while you wonder how you could control your house’s lights from your smartphone? Then engineering might be in your blood. Come to Alma College and let us help you explore and develop all those ideas that you have in your head.

Why Pre-Engineering at Alma?

Engineering is not just about applying physics and math to solve interesting problems. Engineering is also trying to understand why we need to solve those problems, and what the consequences of choosing a particular solution are. That understanding can only happen when we have conversations with other disciplines in the humanities, economics and environmental sciences. Here at Alma, we create the spaces to have those dialogues among students and faculty.

3–2 programs

In a 3-2 program you will study the first three years at Alma College, learning the fundamentals of physics and mathematics while exploring other topics that might be of interest (biotechnology, environmental science, chemistry). Afterwards you can transfer to another institution to finish your engineering degree. We currently have an agreement with Kettering University,  but it is not your only option.

You won’t stop being part of our family just because you transfer to another school. After finishing your engineering degree you will get a Bachelor’s in Science from Alma College. Scots for life!

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    Victor Argueta-Diaz, assistant professor of physics, didn’t know that his first year as a full-time faculty member at Alma College would begin a series of 3D printing projects that would lead Alma students to conference presentations and published research papers.