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Whether you major or minor in philosophy or just take a single class, we aim to engage your interest in examining issues that are relevant to your everyday lives well beyond college.

Considering a philosophy major?

The following courses are required: 102; 103; 111 or 112; 126; and 500 (senior thesis). In addition, four more four-credit courses are required, of which three must be upper-level (300 or above). The senior thesis is an extended research project on a topic of your own choosing, selected during the previous term in consultation with a faculty member, written in sections throughout the term, and revised in the light of ongoing feedback from the thesis director on at least one draft of each section.

 If you are considering a philosophy major, you should start taking the required 100-level classes during your first year. You can also take 200-level classes as electives as soon as you arrive because they have no prerequisites. It is best to take the required 100-level classes earlier rather than later in your time at Alma College, since they provide a foundation for more specialized work in upper-level courses. Do not hesitate to take 300-level classes as a first-year student. They are typically offered in the winter and spring terms, which gives you the fall term to fulfill any prerequisites (typically any philosophy course.)

Each 300-level course is offered infrequently (sometimes only every three years), so you should take every upper-level course available during your time at Alma College in order to be able to complete the major and avoid missing out on your only opportunity to take a particular class.