New Media Studies

Student Opportunities

Outside of the classroom, you can explore different types of media through hands-on production or media analysis in one of our student clubs, an internship or traveling abroad. The opportunities are endless!

Student Clubs

With over 100 student organizations already created, you’re bound to find a way to get involved! Don’t see an organization for what you like? Start your own!


The New Media Studies program is built to give you real-life experience in your field by requiring an internship. This can be on or off-campus and can be tailored to your specific interests and career goals. Check out some of these options where students commonly land internships:

Study Abroad

Students can choose to spend a semester, year or summer abroad to immerse themselves in another culture while pursuing interests in their field. Many students travel abroad during Spring Term — a four-week term in May that allows students to focus on one course they really enjoy. Recently, students traveled to Italy, Spain and France.