New Media Studies


Diving in Malta, climbing in Montenegro, filming in Venice—Spring Term is a way that Alma takes learning beyond the classroom.

Spring Terms Courses

  • Backpack Filmmaking (NMS 280)

Travel to Italy, Croatia, and Malta and create a film while on the go.

  • Digital Film Production (NMS 240)

Work on a production crew to create an original short film, utilizing the cityscapes of Detroit or Chicago. 

  • Tabletop Role-Playing Games (NMS 233)

Play Dungeons & Dragons, Star Wars: Edge of the Empire, and Vampire: The Masquerade, then build your own game world.

  • Game Design I & II (NMS 230/330)

Design two games and learn how to pitch and demo them, network, and get into the games industry.

Playing through a mass combat in the Song of Ice and Fire tabletop role-playing game. Playing through a mass combat in the Song of Ice and Fire tabletop role-playing game.


Bitworks is a new student-run production company specializing in client-based design and media projects. With Bitworks, students take charge of real world projects for clients both on campus and off. Different students, depending on their expertise, take the point position on client requests. They meet with their client, choose the equipment, assemble a crew if needed, and earn some extra money, with some great material for their portfolios before graduation. Anyone interested in finding out more can contact Bitworks at

  • Short Stack

Short Stack is Alma College’s first ever student film organization. With students from a variety of majors, we strive to emulate a professional video production environment. Primarily creating short, narrative films, we apply technical knowledge we’ve learned in the classroom; but also, we gain skills and knowledge that can only be found through repeated hands on experience with a crew. In short, Short Stack allows us to take what we learn on an academic level, and push it even farther into continued application. Having just been an officially recognized club last year, we are fresh, but strong in numbers and in effort. We try to at least have two major projects per semester, and we always try to have screenings, open to the public, in order to show off our work. It’s a fantastic resource if you’re looking to make a career out of video production, or simply just wanting to have fun making movies.

  • PAGE (Pop culture, Anime, Gaming, & Entertainment)

PAGE is a club for nerds of all stripes. Within this broad organization, members can join a tabletop role-playing game group that meets regularly, play in one-shot games, join our Minecraft server, take part in weekly Magic the Gathering, Super Smash Bros, and board game play, work on game design projects, or attend screenings of anime classics. Our Discord is open to all members, new, old, and graduated, and seeks to be a welcome community for all.
Join our Discord server to connect and stay informed about all of our events! 

  • Pine River Anthology

    Pine River Anthology is a yearly award-winning juried magazine. The publication is a collaboration of both the English and Art departments. The departments work together to find a theme for the issue. The English department puts out flyers to let students know when submissions are due. They organize all the submissions, and then meet to decide which ones go into the issue.

  • See Spot Run

    See Spot Run is a monthly creative writing publication. Current positions are: editor, asst. editor, copy editor, columnist and cartoonist. The editor manages the entire PR and the publication to make sure everything is running smoothly. The editor also does the layout and chooses the selections that go into the issue. The asst. editor distributes and assists the editor when needed. Students who wish to get involved should contact the editor; the staff is listed in every issue.

  • The Almanian

    The Almanian is a student-run newspaper that covers college events. All aspects of the newspaper are produced by students, including stories, photos and page designs. The Almanian is a weekly publication that is released on Monday mornings for the campus. The website provides a digital copy of the paper, job listings, and students can apply to be a member of the news team. If you are interested in being a part of the paper, a student should get in contact with the current Editor-in-Chief.

  • The Scot

    The Scot is the Alma College yearbook, which is put together by students. As a group their responsibilities include choosing the theme and title of the group, taking photos, creating and designing layouts for the pages and distributing the book. To get involved with the Scot a student should apply at the beginning of the year. Depending on the need of staff for the particular year, positions can include editor, photo editor, junior editor, a layout staffer or a photographer.