New Media Studies


Bitworks production company is a student-led group on campus. We function as a full full-fledged production company would, taking on graphic design, photography, video projects, and much more. Past jobs have ranged from designing posters, business cards, and flyers to multiple camera shoots for special events and performances.

Bitworks is not limited to the campus of Alma College. We enjoy collaborating with businesses and organizations throughout the Gratiot community. We strive to give our client the best products possible, while working within a given budget.

With Bitworks, students experience what it’s like to work in the professional design industries while gaining valuable skills and building material for their portfolios.


Students are saying…

Having had the opportunity to work in a professional video production environment has given me quality material for my portfolio and has well prepared me for a career after graduation. Without Bitworks, I would feel much less equipped to enter the competitive industry of new media. My time as a producer also allowed me to meet a variety of great individuals around campus and to attend some really worthwhile events that I may not have ventured to otherwise.

Jon Clark ’16


“Ultimately, after college I would like to own my own successful production company. Bitworks has given me the opportunity to see what this experience would be like. I have had the chance to learn a lot about not only the production side, but also the professional side of work with clients and employees. From these opportunities, I’ve learn skills that I will continue to use after I graduate.”

Jake Esselink ’17