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“Want to major in a field of the future?” US News recognizes New Media Studies at Alma alongside programs at MIT and the University of Southern California as examples of a major for the future.

  • Xiling Liang Selfie Tetralogy
    The challenge was this: Take four self portraits of yourself, each one representing a different facet of your personality. Two should show aspects you like; two should show sides of you that aren’t so favorable. Clothes and background shouldn’t be changed from photograph to photograph, BUT the lighting must be changed. Simple, right?
  • Group at the Women's March.
    It was 7:40 when we left our Air BnB for the metro station. After sleeping for three and a half hours, I had my camera around my neck, my press badge tangled in the strap, and my pink pussy cat hat on. Despite having slept for such a short time, I was exhilarated. Myself, along with ten other people, were going to the Women’s March on Washington.
  • Dr. Lauren Woolbright in a gaming costume.

    Dr. Lauren Woolbright, assistant professor of New Media Studies, is an expert in game studies, gender studies, race and ethnicity, and environmental justice.