New Members

Congratulations to the 2016-17 Alma College Choir!

More than 40 members of the Chorale and Glee Club auditioned last March to become new members of the Alma Choir, and 22 were awarded membership. The level of singing and sight reading was very high. Thank you to all who sang an audition — there were more talented singers than there were open spots. If any other spots open up, Dr. Nichols will add singers from the list of those who auditioned. New members are marked with an *

Soprano 1 Tenor 1
Krista Botting Ethan Akans
Cece Brady Tylor Cole
Jessica Drife John Kimball
Summer Eipper *Connor Mayer
*Hayley Giersch Bradley Olewinski
Paige Ross Tenor 2
*Hannah Tardiff Tyler Beistline
 *Marina Thornton *Nathaniel Fryer
Soprano 2 Austin Gridley
*Aline Batawi *Shanell Ramos
Jessica Bigelow Cameron Tahaney
*Libbey Jones Baritone
Payge Nestle *Alexander Baird
Samantha Sims *Zaccari Bell
*Emily Witteveen *Luke Bent
*Mallory Yoder Earl Carr
Alto 1 Charles Fales
*Emily Allison *Jason Keith
Naria Ford-Thompson Jeffery Kline
*Emily Gordon
Aaron Leonard
Alesha Hall Bass
Taylor Manfroni Jon Buchanana
Grace Sutherland *Shane Cooper
Alto 2 Seth Davis
*LaKeshia Bortz *Nathan Johnson
Tiffany Jeffers Joe Kennedy
Rachel Kalinovik Billy Mulligan
 *Kira Leach *Matthew Nagy
 Alexa Piotrowski Eric Scott
 Natalie Sloggett Joshua Sejat
 *Holly Zuiderveen