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The ’19-’20 Choir Year at a glance AND Choir Scholarship Information

Due to extra precautions taken in light of the coronavirus pandemic, beginning Saturday, March 14, we will be canceling all performances at the Heritage Center until April 17, at which time we will evaluate the situation.   
Please see the Alma College Coronavirus Updates page for important information regarding public performances and student travel.                                                                        

Choir Scholarship Auditions

Each year 30-40 high school seniors audition for — and receive — choir scholarships to help make their Alma College education possible. If you are a singer, and if scholarship monies are important to your college choice, you are encouraged to audition for an Alma Choir scholarship.

Singers should contact Dr. Will Nichols at (989) 463-7221 or Scholarship auditions should be completed by February 1st of your senior year in high school.  Students who are accepted for admission after the February 1st deadline are offered a three-week extension (from the date of your acceptance) to complete a choir scholarship audition.

Steps to take:

1. Please prepare one of the songs listed below. Practice videos have been uploaded here:
Come Again, Sweet Love (High voices)

Early One Morning (Medium voices)

Has Sorrow Thy Young Days Faded (Low voices)

2. Contact Dr. Nichols to arrange a day to visit campus and sing your vocal scholarship audition. You are encouraged to do this on a weekday afternoon when you can sing with one of the choirs, meet some other singers, and complete your audition after the rehearsal. It is possible to arrange a vocal scholarship audition on a Scholar Summit day, or some Saturdays.

3. Come to campus and sing your best! A piano accompanist will be provided for you.

Distinguished Vocal Scholars

Students considering careers as choral conductors, music teachers, and professional singers/performers are eligible for Distinguished Vocal Scholarships of up to $8000 to help make it possible to explore these career paths. To be considered, the interested student should visit campus, meet with Dr. Nichols and complete a vocal audition by February 1st of your senior year in high school.