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The ’19-’20 Choir Year at a glance AND Choir Scholarship Information                                                                                                             

February — Alma Choir Tour
February 21— Northville, MI; First Presbyterian Church 7:30 pm                                                 

February 23 — Chicago, IL; Fourth Presbyterian Church 9:30 amd and 11:00 am services         

February 24 — Muskegon,MI; Forest Park Covenant Church 7:00 pm                                         

February 25 — Traverse City, MI;  Presbyterian Church of T.C.  7:00 pm                                      

February 26 — Davison, MI; Davison High School  6:30 pm                                                         

February 27 — Dayton, OH; First Baptist Church  7:00 pm                                                           

February 28 — Monroe, MI.  First Presbyterian Church 7:00 pm

April 4 & 5 — Mendelssohn ELIJAH (with the Alma Symphony Orchestra

IRELAND TOUR  April 27 - May 14
Glendalough; Cork; Doolin; Galway; Cong; Derry, NI; Navan; Dun Laoghaire; Dublin!

Choir Scholarship Auditions

Each year 30-40 high school seniors audition for — and receive — choir scholarships to help make their Alma College education possible. If you are a singer, and if scholarship monies are important to your college choice, you are encouraged to audition for an Alma Choir scholarship.

Singers should contact Dr. Will Nichols at (989) 463-7221 or Scholarship auditions should be completed by February 1st of your senior year in high school.  Students who are accepted for admission after the February 1st deadline are offered a three-week extension (from the date of your acceptance) to complete a choir scholarship audition.

Steps to take:

1. Please prepare one of the songs listed below. Practice videos have been uploaded here:
Come Again, Sweet Love (High voices)

Early One Morning (Medium voices)

Has Sorrow Thy Young Days Faded (Low voices)

2. Contact Dr. Nichols to arrange a day to visit campus and sing your vocal scholarship audition. You are encouraged to do this on a weekday afternoon when you can sing with one of the choirs, meet some other singers, and complete your audition after the rehearsal. It is possible to arrange a vocal scholarship audition on a Scholar Summit day, or some Saturdays.

3. Come to campus and sing your best! A piano accompanist will be provided for you.


Students considering careers as choral conductors, music teachers, and professional singers/performers are eligible for Distinguished Vocal Scholarships of up to $8000 to help make it possible to explore these career paths. To be considered, the interested student should visit campus, meet with Dr. Nichols and complete a vocal audition by February 1st of your senior year in high school.