MS in Communication and Information Technology

It’s not enough to be prepared for tomorrow. You want a hand in shaping it.

It all begins with a program designed to get you there: the Master of Science degree in Communication and Information Technology (CIT) at Alma College. Be on the forefront of cybersecurity. Find new ways to set up networks, utilize the cloud, and be a trusted source for IT insights. And that’s just the beginning.

Become an IT authority

Organizations are looking for IT leaders. By entering our graduate-level CIT program at Alma College, you’ll advance your leadership skills by learning from industry experts who have made their mark in the tech industry and continue to influence 21st-century IT systems and practices. After all, to be the best, you need to learn from the best. Enhanced IT leadership skills can be your launchpad for a skyrocketing career.

Grow your network

As a graduate-level student of technology, you want your contributions to be personally  recognized. The CIT program combines the flexibility of online learning with the familiarity of professors who know you by name. By attending working sessions on campus and getting to know our community, you’ll gain more than an understanding of networks. You’ll become part of one. 

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