MFA in Creative Writing

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a job with this degree?

The MFA is the terminal degree in creative writing. This means you can use it to pursue teaching positions in academic institutions. You may also wish to use the experience of the program to pursue editorial positions in the publishing industry.

How selective is your admissions process?

The rigor of the program calls for a selective admissions process to ensure students are capable of benefiting from the program and contributing substantially to the creative support of their peers in the community. It will not be suitable for everyone. A successful application will demonstrate a certain level of skill and promise in the writing sample as well as the student’s strong interest in reading.

Are there a limited number of spaces in the program?

Yes, but if you are accepted into the program and the current cohort is full you may be offered a seat in the next season’s residency.

I’m already published. Does that give me an advantage?

It may make you capable of producing a good writing sample, but the rest of your application package must demonstrate your openness to learning, reading, and being supportive of your peers.

I’ve never been published. Does that put me at a disadvantage?

No, not at all. As long as your writing sample shows a certain level of skill and potential and you can demonstrate your commitment to learning, reading extensively, and supporting your peers, you will be seriously considered for the program.

I live within driving distance. Do I have to stay on campus for residencies?

If you live more than 20 miles away, we encourage you to stay on or near campus during the residency. Activities will go late into the evening and you’ll be fresher for the next morning’s lectures and workshops if you don’t commute.