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Students in NMS 101, Introduction to Digital Media, create an original video game for their final exam.

Game Design focuses on the design principles, storytelling and art techniques, and programming required to create games, both digital and non-digital.

Students interested in careers that involve designing games, creating multimedia content—considering how art, sound, text, and code come together persuasively—consulting on design projects, starting a media development company or game design studio will develop the skills they need in courses related to game design and interactive media. Often students interested in these career paths choose to major in New Media Studies, Art, Computer Science, or English.

We recommend that students take the following courses regardless of the major they choose: NMS 101, CSC 118, NMS 130, ENG 220, NMS 230, NMS 233, CSC 235, NMS 330. We also require students complete an internship and suggest they get involved with co-curricular groups on campus such as Alma College Gaming Guild. We focus on collaboration and public presentation to provide students an opportunity to get hands-on experience and build a portfolio of work.

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