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Alma College students don’t just observe — they innovate. At Alma, you will work with accomplished scientists and cutting-edge equipment to prepare for a rewarding life of exploration and discovery.

These are the majors of today and the careers of tomorrow. Learn, grow and experiment within our STEM majors and explore the research opportunities and hands-on learning experiences you can get from Alma.

Our small class sizes mean you will work side by side with our faculty experts to seek solutions to complex problems. Our graduates leave with a set of skills that help them understand the world and prepare for challenging and rewarding careers in the growing fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

Your liberal arts education will not only prepare you to tackle problems within your major, but will challenge you to think critically and creatively about larger world issues and how they connect with your area of study.

Want to get a taste of Alma’s amazing opportunities before you enroll? Check out some of our STEM-based summer camps and see what we’re all about.

Introducing the Dow Digital Science Center

Students and professor in front of Dow Digital Science Center.Since receiving a $5 million grant for STEM education from The Herbert H. and Grace A. Dow Foundation last summer, Alma College faculty have been busy putting into place a variety of educational and outreach initiatives. One of the newest additions is the Dow Digital Science Center (DDSC).

The center, located within Alma’s existing Dow Science Center, is a place for the collection and storage of data and remote sensing instrumentation. Linking data from remote sensors in the field to the DDSC will immerse high school and college students and faculty in STEM research.

The DDSC provides space for Alma College students and faculty to analyze the environmental data. Large 80-inch monitors in the Dow Science Center lobby will provide a consistent visual data feed from Forest Hill Nature Center and other remote sensor projects, including wildlife cameras from national zoos and other locations.


Recent Stories

  • Emma Patmore works on aluminum foil passive detectors.
    Professor Melissa Strait and Alma undergraduates measure what happens to a meteorite when it is struck by something.
  • Students document the planting of tree seedlings at the Alma College Ecological Station.

    “The information we gather will help forest ecologists better understand the role of soil pathogens and light requirements for natural seedling regeneration and how natural systems work.” — Sarah McCarthy Neumann

  • Mike Bishop at Forest Hill Nature Center
    “This summer we will be creating a digital nature trail at Forest Hill. We will have several locations where students can input data that is then uploaded to the DDSC and made available to science teachers in area schools.” – Dave Clark
  • Alma, the snowy owl, getting fit for the tracking device.
    Students and faculty at Alma College are tracking the movements of “Alma,” a snowy owl outfitted with a satellite transmitter that was purchased with funds from the e-STEM grant.
  • ASPIRE students conduct research.

    Academically qualified students with financial need who major in a STEM field are eligible for the awards. Recipients will be designated Alma College Science Scholars.