Selection Criteria & Responsibilities

Review the information below before you fill out a P-Global application.

Selection Criteria

1. Proposal:

  • Would the activity broaden and deepen understanding of a specific transboundary issue or organization?
  • Would the activity provide “hands-on” opportunities to apply prior knowledge and experience in a transboundary context?
  • Would the activity promote the development of leadership skills in a global context through creating an understanding of issues, considering ways of addressing those issues and confronting real world obstacles to propose solutions?

2. Qualifications of student:

  • Traditional course preparation
  • Prior experiential opportunities
  • Leadership interest and experience
  • Academic record
  • Evidence of ability to work independently

3. Financial need: A student’s award will be impacted by an evaluation of his or her financial resources as well as by consideration of a project’s cost.

4. Ability to make a unique contribution to the program. Awards can support travel, program fees, living expenses and other relevant costs.


  • P-GLOBAL Fellows agree to promote their experiences to the campus community (e.g., through presentations before Student Congress, providing material for the college website, writing articles for the Almanian, and/or participating in open forums for students and/or faculty).
  • P-GLOBAL Fellows agree to provide details about their experience to develop a campus-wide database that other students may utilize.