Public Affairs Institute

Alma’s Public Affairs Institute offers interdisciplinary experiences for students who, regardless of particular majors, have common academic and career interests in public affairs.


The Institute helps incoming Alma students quickly engage with public issues and learn how to assume leadership in addressing local, national and international civic needs.

The program includes opportunities to:

  • Host international and national conferences
  • Meet and work with visiting speakers
  • Engage in service to the community (from local to global)
  • Find meaningful internships, and 
  • Focus studies on public issues related to academic studies.

The program’s requirements are designed to be flexible and work with any major or minor—from Anthropology or Art to Women’s and Gender Studies. Participating in the classes and other programs of the Public Affairs Institute allows students to link their other studies to civic needs and concerns.

How to Get Involved

Students interested in public issues are encouraged to apply to join the Public Affairs Institute before beginning classes at Alma. Applications are available online and from the College’s Admissions Office.