P-Global Application

Deadline and Submission Details

  1. Applications should be submitted through the Alma Venture Serve Generously/Lead Purposefully/Live Responsibly application
  2. The 2022-23 applications are March 17 and April 2, 2023.
  3. Additional P-GLOBAL Fellowship applications will be considered after the application deadline, contingent on the availability of funds. Applications may be submitted at any time throughout the year.
  4. Proposals are not accepted for projects occurring after a student’s graduation, except under the most exceptional and compelling circumstances. 
  5. U.S.-based projects that address issues in a multi-country context will be considered. Examples of a multi-country context include: service with a non-profit organization addressing human trafficking, working with an organization that addresses international migration, or an internship with the US mission to the United Nations in New York.
  6. In light of the global impact of the coronavirus pandemic, Posey Global applicants are encouraged to explore and apply for ways to engage with multi-country issues from within the US or their home country (when other than the US).

It is recommended that you gather application materials and draft your proposal in a word processor (e.g. Microsoft Word) before you complete the application, as the system does not allow you to save and return to an application in progress. Posey Global applications must include:

  1. Your most recent transcript (official or unofficial): If you would like an official transcript, complete and email the On-Campus Transcript Request form to the Registrar’s Office at and letting them know it is for your Posey Global application and should be directed to Carla Jensen. Please allow up to a week to process this request. You may also submit an unofficial transcript, which you are able to retrieve your own unofficial transcript within Student Planning - the same area you select classes.
    Inside Alma >>> My Self-Service >> Student Planning >>> Top Left Menu - Select Unofficial Transcript.
  2. A faculty sponsor: The role of the faculty sponsor is to support the student in identifying and preparing for a safe and rewarding Posey Global experience. When you submit your application, you will be asked to list a faculty sponsor. They will receive an email questionnaire that includes your application materials and asks them whether they agree to sponsor your application. It is very important that you discuss your plans and share your application with your faculty sponsor in advance of submitting your application.


  1. Fulfillment of the general goals and mission of the P-GLOBAL program, most importantly pursuing a project that enhances the development of global leadership skills and perspectives.
  2. Projects typically will be of a minimum four-weeks duration—other projects will be considered should they clearly fulfill the program’s fundamental objectives.
  3. Projects will engage students full time.
  4. Students will complete all Venture requirements, including pre-departure orientation, as outlined in the Venture module in Canvas. Award recipients will be enrolled in the Canvas module upon accepting a Posey Global award.
  5. Students will meet the requirements of the P-GLOBAL project as determined by their faculty sponsor.
  6. Students will present a summary of their project at a P-GLOBAL forum, attend a dinner, provide Dr. Hulme with a written summary of their experience and evaluation of their sponsoring organization, and complete a 500- to 800-word reflective piece on the impact of their experience on their perspective on globally oriented leadership to be given to the Posey Family Foundation.

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