Model UN

Students in Model UN are passionate about solving the world’s problems. In Model UN, they work together, developing leadership and teamwork skills by exploring international issues.

However, Alma’s students are more than just passionate—they’re successful. And they demonstrate it year after year.

A “Model UN Superpower”

The Huffington Post called Alma College’s team a “superpower.” As a whole, they’ve earned 55 “outstanding delegation” awards at the Midwest Regional Competition and 49 at the National Model United National Conference in New York City, the most of any college or university in the 95-year history of the conference.

How Does Model UN Work?

Model UN is a winter semester political science course open without prerequisite to all students, regardless of major. Model UN students often enroll as first-year students and continue as team members throughout their four years at Alma. 

Students represent both countries and non-governmental organizations, researching current policies and preparing for the Midwest competition in St. Louis and the national competition in New York City. At these conferences, they meet students from around the world, develop an appreciation for differing viewpoints, experience the challenges of negotiation, and learn the importance of international cooperation.

While in New York, they spend two days in the United Nations headquarters, interacting with leading UN officials and experts during committee sessions, and they attend a briefing by senior foreign service officers at the U.S. State Department’s Mission to the UN.

 Recent topics they’ve tackled:

  • Terrorism
  • The environment
  • International trade
  • Education
  • Israeli-Palestinian conflict