International Travel Insurance

Alma College provides emergency medical insurance for students traveling on college-related international programs.

Alma students enrolled in approved, college-related international programs are automatically enrolled in the Alma College international emergency medical insurance policy during their time outside the US. To verify whether a travel experience will be covered, contact Alma College’s insurance representative Cassie Tennant by email at or by telephone at (989) 463-7156.

Summary of coverage and important documents

For a summary of policy benefits, limitations, and exclusions and important travel documents, refer to the EIIA International Travel Program.

 Recommendations to ensure adequate coverage

  • The Alma College limited emergency medical insurance covers most international locations.  Locations specifically excluded are those within the US and its territories, and that have trade sanctions imposed by the U.S.
  • Review the insurance information provided to determine if additional insurance is needed.  Alma College highly recommends keeping existing U.S. insurance in force for the duration of the off-campus study to ensure continual coverage.
  • Discuss your travel plans with your physician and/or counselor.  If you are currently receiving treatment for a chronic illness, it is strongly recommended that you talk over plans with a physician, psychologist, or counselor to manage any potential health problems abroad.
  • Most international health care providers do not accept US medical insurance.  Many times foreigners must pay medical bills on their own by cash or credit card, then submit for reimbursement.    
  • While on a covered international trip, Alma College’s insurance is primary.  The student’s insurance becomes primary upon return to the U.S., and the insurance provider will coordinate the transition between policies.
  • Contact your current insurance provider for their claims procedures with respect to international travel.  Also ask how your claim should be handled if you have dual coverage (your personal policy and an Alma College policy). 
  • Questions to ask your health care provider:
  1. Does my health insurance remain in force while abroad? (Students attending approved off-campus study programs are considered a full-time Alma College students)
  2. If I am required to pay a medical provider directly, how will I be reimbursed?
  3. If I receive medical care, how will medical care providers paid?  What documentation do you need from the medical provider abroad for care that I received? 
  4. Can I wait until I am home to notify my medical provider that I received care while abroad? 
  5. How long do I have after I receive medical care to submit a reimbursement claim?
  6. Where can I get a reimbursement claim form?

Reporting procedures

If medical assistance is required or a claim needs to be filed, use the contact information in the order listed:  

  1. Country’s emergency contact system (9-1-1 equivalent) for emergency assistance, if needed
  2. World Travel Protectionl (EIIA) for emergency assistance:  Toll from from the US or Canada: 1 (833) 525-3324, or Collect from outside the US: 1 (416) 479-8012
  3. Alma College staff:
    • Cassie Tennant, Controller, (989) 463-7156, for administration of insurance coverage, and
    • Carla Jensen, Director of Experiential Learning, (989) 463-7421

Please note:

  1. Immediately contact World Travel Protection when it’s necessary to seek medical care. It does not have to be an emergency. 
  2. If it is necessary to pay out-of-pocket for medical care, request from all medical care providers a copy of the receipt listing the charges and proof of payment. Save all receipts to get reimbursed; a copy of your credit card receipt is not sufficient for reimbursement. If unsure of what steps to take or how to file a claim, contact Carla Jensen or Cassie Tennant.
  3. For any questions related to the college’s insurance coverage, contact Cassie Tennant.